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cooling towerWATER TECH'S COOLING WATER TREATMENT PROGRAMS are designed with your equipment and source water in mind. Our programs focus on scale, corrosion, and biological control.

A properly controlled program conserves water, protects the heat exchangers from scale and corrosion, and eliminates any threat of algae and bacteria. This ultimately lowers water and energy consumption while protecting the integrity of your system.

Cooling Tower System Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors provide state-of-the-art inhibition in scale and corrosion in all types of water. These products are specially designed for your system, your water, and your operation. Our products optimize efficiency and prolong equipment life.

Biocides are important to control algae, bacteria, and biofilm in your system. Water Tech offers a variety of oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides. Biocides prevent pathogens and maintain the systems efficiency.

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