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Environmentally Conscious. Certified Expertise.
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EarthOUR GREEN CHEMISTRY DIVISION consists of two major components:


We are a distributor for EnduroSolv®, the leading Green Chemistry solid-based manufacturer in the country.

Whether you're looking to become LEED-Certified or just looking for ways to make your facility more Green, EnduroSolv can help:

  • No Liquids to Spill
  • No Drum Disposal Issues
  • No Exposure to Hazardous Liquid Chemicals
  • No Offensive Odors or Fumes
  • No Powders to Irritate
  • Substantially Reduced Product Handling Issues
  • Safe and Simple to Apply
  • Environmentally Friendly Products
  • Cleaner, Safer Work Area
  • Conserve Floor Space
  • Assists in Continuous Improvement for ISO 14001

For cooling towers, we utilize a patented technology to:

  • Reduce Tower Water Use (~50% of US Water Use)
  • Address Water Scarcity Risks
  • Recover and Reuse Wastewater
  • Reduce Water-Carbon Footprint
  • Achieve Zero Discharge Economy
  • Ensure Mission Critical Reliability
  • Employ Sustainable "Green" Resources
Benefits include:

  • Typically Reduces Total Treatment Cost by 50% or Greater
  • Ideal Corrosion Protection (<0.2 mpy="" for="" steel,="" copper,="" galvanized="" steel,="" aluminum)="">
  • Non-Toxic Chemistry and Cost-Effective Elimination of Discharge
  • Reduced Testing and Operator Time
  • Ideal for High Silica or Reuse (Wastewater) Makeup Source Waters
  • Eliminates "Bleed & Feed" Water Wastage and Chemical Costs
Please contact us if you are interested in more information about this program.

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